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SSI Basic Diver

SSI Basic Diver

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The SSI Basic Diver program teaches students the skills and information needed to accomplish beginning scuba dives with an SSI Open Water Instructor in an open water setting.

It is an excellent approach to learn more about the underwater environment while diving. Within 6 months, the full Basic Diver program may be applied to the Scuba Diver or Open Water diving programs, allowing you to progress in your diving experience.

Certification: Scuba Diver
Minimum Age: 8
Academic Sessions: 1
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1
Open Water Sessions: 1
Maximum Training Depth: 40 ft.
Certification Prerequisites: Fit to swim, no certification prerequisites

Service/Feature Details
Swimming Pool Training Inclusive
Personal Instructor Internationally qualified
Dive Time 40 minutes
Dive Depth Max 40 feet
Dive Site Shipwreck
Dolphin Sightseeing Included
Snorkeling Included
Refreshments Snacks, fruit, and juice on boat
Media HD images and videos
Personal Film Professionally edited film (paid)
Scuba Diving Certificate Provided
Referral Cashback 10% cashback referral code


Optional Activities Optional activities or excursions not listed in the package
Damage or Loss of Equipment Damage or loss of rental equipment beyond normal wear and tear
Emergency Services Emergency medical services beyond basic first aid

Buoyancy Control Device
Scuba Tank
Depth Gauge
Submersible Pressure Gauge
Dive Computer
Weight System
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