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What is free diving?

Freediving is a type of underwater diving activity. In freediving, divers hold their breath rather than utilizing breathing equipment like scuba gear. It is also called breath-hold diving or apnea diving. Divers must have both mental and physical discipline and strength because they can descend to different depths with just one breath of oxygen. so it can be dangerous for them.

Before a dive, freedivers adopt particular breathing techniques to maximize their body's oxygen levels. To preserve oxygen and reduce the body's need for oxygen while submerged, they also use relaxation techniques.

Freediving can be done recreationally, for competitive sports, or even as a part of traditional fishing methods in some cultures or Just for Fun. Freedivers need to take the appropriate safety measures and be aware of the risks of freediving, such as the potential for hypoxia and shallow water blackout. Everyone interested in this hobby must have training and instruction in safety freediving techniques.
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