Scuba Diving vs Snorkeling | Scuba Diving in Goa | FlyingFish Scuba School Goa

Scuba Diving vs Snorkeling | Scuba Diving in Goa | FlyingFish Scuba School Goa

Scuba Diving vs Snorkeling

So While both scuba diving and snorkeling are underwater sports that let people discover the beauty of the underwater world, they are very different in terms of the gears, depth, and the degree of skill needed.

What is Scuba Diving:
Scuba diving is the practice of diving underwater with proper gear like Scuba Tank, Mask, Regulator, Wetsuit or Drysuit, Fins, etc. SCUBA means Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Equipment. This gears helps divers breathe underwater. the regulator attaches to the diver's mouth and gives them air from the tank on their back. The tank holds compressed air so divers can breathe easily and go deep underwater.

Equipment used in Scuba diving:
1. Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)
2. Regulator
3. Mask
4. Snorkel
5. Wetsuit
6. Defog
7. Fins and booties
8. Surface Marker Buoy
9. Dive weight, if local diving
10. Dive Computer
11. Underwater lighting
12. Cameras for recording.

Depth: Snorkelers cannot explore as scuba divers may. Scuba divers can descend up to several hundred feet, depending on their degree of certification and expertise.

Experience Level: Certification and training from PADI or SSI are usually required for scuba diving. Divers can progressively perform increasingly difficult dives with varying certification levels, from novice to advanced.

What is Snorkeling:
Swimming on the water's surface while wearing a mask and a snorkel—a breathing tube that allows face-down breathing in the water—is known as snorkeling. Snorkelers usually stay near the surface and breathe by holding their breath or by returning to the surface.
Equipment: A mask for underwater vision and a snorkel for breathing are typically worn by snorkelers. Fins are optional, however some people prefer to wear them to make swimming easier.
Depth: Most snorkelers remain a few feet below the surface of the sea. They do not descend very far, in contrast to scuba divers.
Experience Level: Snorkeling is a reasonably straightforward exercise that requires no formal training or certification. However, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of swimming and water safety, particularly in areas with open water.

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