What To Do When You Encounter Shark? Must Read!

What To Do When You Encounter Shark? Must Read!

Although coming across a shark might be a terrifying event and you will lose your controls but it's crucial to maintain composure and take the necessary action to reduce the chance of getting hurt. The following actions are advised if you come across a shark

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Remaining Calm: Getting agitated can make things worse. Strive to maintain your composure so that you may respond appropriately and think rationally.Don't Panic!

Don't Make Sudden Movements: Avoid thrashing or moving erratically since sharks are drawn to sudden movements. If you can, slowly step back from the situation without calling attention to yourself.

Eye Contact with Shark: As you gradually back away, keep your eyes on the shark. If a shark knows it's being watched, it might discourage them.

Be Vertical in Water: If you're in the water, make an effort to stay upright. When a target looks to be swimming horizontally, sharks are more inclined to attack.

Protect Yourself with Things around you: If a shark is getting close, try to position a boat, surfboard, or other nearby object between you and the shark as a barrier. Use your spear gun, camera, or whatever other weapon you have to protect yourself.

Leave Slowly: If you're in the water and it's safe to do so, swim calmly and slowly in the direction of the beach or a boat while maintaining eye contact with the shark.

When you're around other people, make a signal for help so that they can help you without bringing attention to yourself.

Know When to Resist: Target the vulnerable parts of the shark, like its eyes, gills, or nose. Make use of anything you have as a weapon.

Get Medical Help: Serious injuries can result from even little shark bites. Regardless matter how serious the injury is, if you've been bitten, get medical help right away.

Most sharks are not interested in attacking humans, and that encounters with sharks are rather uncommon. Educate yourself and exercising caution can help lower the likelihood of coming into contact with a shark.
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