7 Fun and Fascinating Facts about Scuba Diving

7 Fun and Fascinating Facts about Scuba Diving

These seven entertaining and interesting scuba diving facts will definitely catch your attention.

Have you ever wondered what "scuba" means? In reality, it stands for "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus." Jacques Cousteau came up with this incredible idea for the first time in 1943.

You know that beneath water, things seem bigger? Thanks to light refraction, an interesting optical illusion, and the flatness of the lens, objects can appear approximately 33 percent larger when viewed through a dive mask!

Less than 10% of the ocean floor in the world has been explored. Yes, you read correctly! The moon's surface is more understood by us than the depths of our own oceans. How enigmatic!

Ever wonder why those stylish wetsuits are worn by divers? They assist divers maintain their buoyancy underwater and keep them warm, so that's two fantastic uses for them. Not to mention, they look really good!

Light, especially red light, is absorbed by water. Red filters are therefore frequently used by underwater cameras to capture authentic colors. In order to observe the underwater world in all of its vivid hues, dive lights are also necessary.

Just picture spending 69 days and 19 minutes under the surface! Richard Presley now holds the record for the longest scuba dive in the world. While it may not be the longest dive ever, it is undoubtedly the deepest one that anyone has ever taken.

The deepest scuba dive ever recorded was more than 300 meters! Descending to such depths might seem quick (just 15 minutes!), but coming back up takes about 15 hours. And you'd need a whole team of experienced divers for support!

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