Diving Queries

Do I Need To Know Swimming ?

No, our state of the art equipments and professionals will make sure you sail through your dive without prior knowledge of swimming.

Who Is Eligible To Do These Dives ?

Anyone above the age of 10 is eligible for the courses mentioned in the website. For kids below 10, we have a special course – the bubblemaker.

Which Course Do I Need To Complete To Become A PADI Certified Diver ?

A PADI certified open diver course is your first step to enter the diving world and start diving on your own.

How Long Is Each Dive ? Till What Depth Do I Reach ?

Each dive is 45 minutes long. Depending on circumstances and conditions, one can dive upto 18-20 meters.

During The Dive Queries

What If All My Air Is Used Up ?

Your dive kit includes a gauge that displays the amount of air you have. Your instructor shall check for it regularly, so there is no fear of using up air. In case of a critical situation, your instructor will have an extra regulator that allows you to share the air supply while swimming up to the surface. Other options will be taught during training.

What If I Feel Claustrophobic ?

On the contrary, most people find scuba diving freeing due to the feeling of “weightlessness”. During training, your instructor will give you ample time to get comfortable to the mask and diving underwater. Your instructor will work at your pace to ensure that you master each skill before entering the sea. The pool sessions are all about getting used to the feeling of wearing a swimsuit.

Booking Queries

How Do I Book My Course ?

A book now button is visible on each page that will redirect you to our booking page. You could also access our pages page.

For any other queries, feel free to mail at dive@flyingfish.in