Swimming Pool Diving + Snorkelling (8+ years)

If you do not want to venture into deep waters and yet want to experience the thrill of being underwater, then this course is for you. Start with a confined session with trainers in our indoor pool and once you are confident about it, pull on that snorkel, snap on those fins and dive into the sea!

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Fee


This is how we roll

Booking a diving expedition with Flying Fish is simple and fast. Once onboard, there’s not a thing you need to worry about.

Here is a quick adventure rundown…

07:00 am
Deu boro dis dium! Assembly at our Calangute Dive Centre. Lovely to see you! It’s time for a little induction session with our diving experts.

08:00 am
All ready. All set. We are now ready to hit the waters. A beautiful ride into the Ocean on aboard our boat. And while we sail, do keep your eyes open for those beautiful Dolphins. They are quite a regular sight!

09:30 am
Tighten your belt and check your gear. Mesmerising is just a dive away. Get... Set...
SPLASH! Underwater, it’s a different world altogether. The warmth embraces you and the pure blue can rejuvenate any soul. With your weight gone, you can fly with the sea creatures. Discover the shipwrecks, dance with the vibrant schools of fish, glide amongst the corals. It’s magical in here. And it’s full of surprises and beauty, even if you are diving for the thousandth time...

10:30 am
CCongrats! You just experienced your first dive (the experienced Divers know that every dive feels like it’s your first!)!! And although we hope that you had an amazing time exploring the waters, if you feel any kind of discomfort, let our instructors know. They are specially trained to handle any medical eventuality.

15:00 pm
Time to head back to the shores now. Share the awesome underwater experience with fellow divers as you sip on a cool refreshing drink and munch on that sumptuous meal.

16:00 pm
Back at the Dive Centre. Have a look at the beautiful underwater pics, and videos… choose the ones you want to share with friends and make the world jealous… and click! Also collect your certificate and a copy of the pics and videos from the Dive Centre.
16:00 pm
Chill at the Dive centre, or head back to your hotel. Hope, you have got all your belongings. Just double check everything please. It was lovely diving with you. See you soon! Fare thee well!

Even though we will take care of all your needs (well, almost all), it’s always good to be prepared with a little more. Here is a list of things you might want to consider before you dive –

  • Water proof sun screen lotions
  • Sun in Goa gets really hot and a liberal dose of Sunscreen will help.
  • Waterproof Bags
  • Even though we have Dry bags in our boat and we’ll be happy to keep your stuff for the time you’re with us, it’s never a bad idea to get one of your own if you’re in Goa
  • Hats – Caps, Hats or anything that will help you keep out of the sun.
  • Sun-glasses – You know how cool you look in them. They will also make you more comfortable
  • Water or juices to keep you hydrated – We have plenty on the boat, but we would advice you to carry some too.
  • And most importantly, remember to have fun all along!!

Medical Form

Please download and go through the medical form carefully. If you have a 'yes' as an answer to any of these; we will need a physician approved certificate from you, without which, your dive can stand cancelled. Please understand that it's for your safety, and for us, it presides everything else...

Download Form

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